Herbie Langhans is a rock and metal vocalist, songwriter and producer from Hanover (Germany). His voice has gained him international recognition both as a studio singer and as a member of the bands FIREWIND, AVANTASIA, VOODOO CIRCLE, SINBREED, BEYOND THE BRIDGE and SEVENTH AVENUE.


By the age of 14, he joined THE PREACHERS (Wolfsburg). Two years later the band regrouped itself under the name SEVENTH AVENUE. From then on Herbie took over lead vocals, lead guitars, the songwriting and the arrangements. Since 2000 he has been producing the band’s albums himself. In the following years the band toured throughout Central Europe, South America and Scandinavia. During this time Herbie worked with producers such as Victor Smolski (RAGE).


In 2001, music producer Sascha Paeth (AVANTASIA) asked Herbie to sing backing vocals on RHAPSODY’s album “Power of the Dragonflame“. Since then, Herbie Langhans has been guest singer for various international productions, such as AVANTASIA, AINA, KAMELOT or BEYOND THE BLACK, at Sascha Paeth’s Gate Studio.


In 2005, he joined the power metal band SINBREED (involving Frederik Ehmke, BLIND GUARDIAN) and published the three internationally successful albums “When Worlds Collide“, "Shadows“ and "Master Creator".


In 2010, Herbie became part of the progressive metal band BEYOND THE BRIDGE. Their debut “The Old Man and the Spirit“ gained great recognition by critics and the press. In the current line up, Herbie Langhans and Maggy Luyten (AYREON, BEAUTIFUL SIN) form the band’s singing duo.


In 2015, Herbie Langhans and Jennifer Haben (BEYOND THE BLACK) performed the official Wacken anthem during the ROCK MEETS CLASSIC show at the W:O:A.


In 2015, he joined Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA as lead- and back vocalist for their album “Ghostlights“. The song “DRACONIAN LOVE“, a powerful duet between Sammet and Herbie, became the second single. Since 2016 he is a permanent band member and performed the AVANTASIA "Ghostlights world tour“ along with other top rock singers, such as Jorn Lande (JORN), Eric Martin (MR BIG), Bob Catley (MAGNUM), Michael Kiske (ex HELLOWEEN), Geoff Tate (Ex QUEENSRYCHE)  and Ronnie Atkins (PRETTY MAIDS). 


In January 2017 Herbie collaborated with Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Rock Meets Classic) and Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear, Rock Meets Classic) and thus, became the new lead vocalist of VOODOO CIRCLE. Their album "Raised on Rock" was issued in 2018. Moreover, he produced and released the debut of his own band RADIANT in November 2018.


In March 2020 he became the official singer of the Greek power metal band FIREWIND, founded by heavy metal guitarist Gus G (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, ex-Arch Enemy).


Furthermore Herbie has founded a new melodic metal band in 2020 named SONIC HAVEN, signed by Frontiers Records.